Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Car Free Sunday...at least for me.

October 16, 2011:
I on Saturday night I vowed to sleep in on Sunday as I felt I needed it after a week from hell at work but my miniature poodle Phoebe had other plans. She woke me up at the crack of dawn to feed her her breakfast and as usual when I'm up I'm up. So I decided to check the weather. It was a nice calm October morning so I decided to fly my Parkzone Ember 2 remote control airplane. I wanted to try flying it at the stadium near my house. Instead of taking the car I was eager to ride my new (used) Yuba Mundo (Version 1) Bicycle especially since I just got it fixed the day before.

First Load: RC Airplanes to the Stadium for day of flying

After about an hour of flying (and dodging birds trying to attack my RC plane). I loaded up to ride back home and once I got there I decided I wanted to ride the Yuba more. So I dropped off the RC stuff and took off to the Home Depot to buy some cam straps and bungie cords for the Yuba Mundo. Bicycle parking wasn't available at Home Depot but I found place to lock up right next to the entrance.

1st Stop Home Depot

I needed some breakfast so off the McDonalds I went. Once again some improvised locking of the Cargo Bike. And while I ate I was in full view of the bike.

Breakfast at McDonalds.

The day was going so well I didn't want to stop riding. In fact at this point I wanted to make a day of it complete with a stop at Barnes and Noble for some coffee. I called my wife, Tina, and told her I was going to do some shopping at Target, head over to spectrum sports to make use of the Gym membership by taking a shower and then head over to Barnes and Noble. Since, Tina is an English Teacher and a heavy sleeper she decided to drive over because books after a nice sleep in sounded good to her. We decided to meet at 11am. So I was off to Target. I really was happy to see that Target was bicycle friendly with a bike rack near each entrance. Thinking about it the bicycle rack is the best parking spot since it is literally right next to the door.

3rd Stop Target via Yuba Mundo

After shopping the clearance rack I and getting a nice Office Space t-shirt for $5, as well as some things we needed around the house I rode over to Spectrum to shower and change. I didn't take a photo but Spectrum had bike rack.Sadly Barnes and Noble didn't have a bike rack but a sturdy rail did just fine.

Car Free Sunday at Barnes and Nobles

After sitting for an hour or so we decided to head over the a seafood place for some lunch. Tina hopped on the back of the Yuba and away we went to Sea Island (just through the parking lot).

Lunch at Sea Island

Eventually, we rode over to 1/2 price books then I took Tina back to her car and pedaled home. It was a great day and really nice to see how accessible our shopping destination is. If I had an Ice Chest Strapped to the Yuba Mundo I would have hit up the grocery store for some deli meat and cheese....next time for sure!

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