Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yuba Mundo V1- Update!

Hank the best Bike Mechanic in Texas

Well, It has been a little over one week since I've purchased my used Yuba Mundo Version 1 (18 speed). I purchased it in a non ride-able condition.I did some tinkering during what must have been the busiest week of my career to date:
This past Saturday, I decided to take my Yuba to Hank at Helotes Bicycle Shop. Hank is a collector of bicycles and has been working in the bicycle industry for 40 years. He is the best wrenches I've met. Here is a list of what Hank accomplished today to make the Yuba Mundo ride-able. Cost of shop repairs was a reasonable $30:
  • True Rear Wheel
  • Replaced rear derailleur cable and housing
  • Check Chain (it was good) Just needed oil. 
  • Adjust Breaks 

Yuba Mundo Cat Fan
Here is still some quarks that need to be worked out but Hank didn't have time today to do it, but as it is it is rideable:
  • Replace front derailleur grip shifter
  • Replace front derailleur cable and housing. 
  • Replace headset tracks/bearings...there is some brinelling a.k.a. index steering. 
Somethings to I still need to do:
  • Touch up some paint
  • develop some boxes for groceries
  • Raise the seat a little
  • Add Kickstand (waiting on package from Yuba Bicycles)
  • Replace grips.

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